4 Web-Apps for Creating Screenshots of Websites

Screenshots of websites for presentations, blogs, newsletters – you need them often. Good thing is you do no longer need to install software on your operating system or browser extensions, there are many web-apps available that allow you to enter any URL and you get back a screenshot in seconds.


If you need a screenshot showing the desktop version of a website without any gimmicks, this is your tool. Screen.guru takes a screenshot of the header area of a site. The only setting for your to change is the background-color.

Screenshot of our website made with screen.guru


This tool allows you to create a screenshot with your browser frame of choice. Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer (Edge), or a generic frame.


If you are not happy with the options for setting the frame or background-color you get with browserframe or screen.guru you can try Screely. The main difference is that you need a screenshot to upload at first, but then you can choose different frames, a background color, and download in 3 different file types (JPG, PNG, SVG).


Snapito is the best option to get the exact screenshot you want. You choose from a list of screen-resolutions, set a delay (if animations are on the website), and also get a full-length website screenshot. The service seems to be no longer developed, but it still works. You can tell when it was last updated from the screen-size options it gives (last phone size addes iPhone 5). The creation of a PDF is also possible.

No longer developed but the best option in this list to customize your screenshot: Snapito

The screenshots you get with these tools are good enough for websites, blogging, or newsletters. While researching tools for this blog I discovered many more web-apps available for this task, but lots of them seem to be discontinued or have only paid options available. You can browse Producthunt to get an overview of whats available.

Bonus Content

For presentations you often want to put those screenshots not only inside a device frame, but in a real photo. There a couple of services offering that, also in your browser. Magic Mockups and Frame are two free services you can try out.

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